Course VVBasic B

This course is an introduction to VVBasic, oriented towards students who have had some previous exposure to VVBasic or VVLogo (probably through course VVBasic A or VVLogo A).

Each lesson plan in the course has five parts. The Overview gives you a quick summary of what the lesson covers. The Introductory section describes a ten to twenty minute introduction to the lesson's new material. Typically the introductory lesson will be delivered by the teacher, standing in front of the students; however, its format should be as much discussion, and as little lecture, as possible. In the Programming Lab part of the lesson a series of steps guides the students through hands-on interaction with the computer science and programming language topics. Two final sections wrap up the lesson. Concluding Questions and Answers provides fodder for a short discussion of the new material after the lab is ended. The Evaluation Activity can be used to assess how completely the students understand the lesson. Both of the final two sections can also be used at the start of the next lesson to refresh the class's memory.

This course comprises ten lessons:

  1. Lesson 1     PRINT, CLEAR, NUMBER
  2. Lesson 2     TEXT, LET
  3. Lesson 3     REPEAT, ENDREPEAT, INPUT
  4. Lesson 4     IF, THEN, ENDIF, BREAK
  5. Lesson 5     ELSE, multi-line INPUT
  6. Lesson 6     Functions Random, ToUpper; Program Design
  7. Lesson 7     Comments, program design
  8. Lesson 8     INPUT's WHEN and COMPLAIN
  9. Lesson 9     Writing a game, part 1
  10. Lesson 10     Writing a game, part 2