Fourth Grade Computer Science, by Daniel Frost. Presented at the 2007 SIGCSE Conference, this paper describes how VVLogo has been used to teach computer science at the elementary school level.

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SIGCSE is ACM's Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education. It's focus is almost exclusively on university-level education. Its page of Education Links has pointers to many interesting resources.


Many versions of BASIC have been developed. A good set of links can be found at the Open Directory Project's Computers: Programming: Languages: BASIC page.


A good starting point for all things Logo is the Logo Foundation. Some interesting commercial versions of Logo are LCSI Microworlds, Terrapin Logo, and MSW Logo. Another Logo applet is rLogo.

Computer Science Unplugged

Who says you need a computer to learn computer science? The Computer Science Unplugged project has a book of fun computer-free activities that explore computer science.